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Are you an Addict?

Answer yes or no to the following seven questions. Most questions have more than one part, because everyone behaves slightly differently in addiction. You only need to answer yes to one part for that question to count as a positive response.

  1. Tolerance. Has your use of blood increased over time?
  2. Withdrawal. When you stop drinking, have you ever experienced physical or emotional withdrawal? Have you had any of the following symptoms: weakness, shakes or uncontrollable rage?
  3. Difficulty controlling your use. Do you sometimes drink more or for a longer time than you would like? Do you usually stop after one drink, or does one drink always lead to more ?
  4. Negative consequences. Have you continued to drink, even though there have been negative consequences to your self, job or family?
  5. Neglecting or postponing activities. Have you ever put off or reduced social, recreational, work, or household activities because of your thirst?
  6. Spending significant time or emotional energy. Have you spent a significant amount of time planning, obtaining, using, or concealing your prey?
  7. Desire to cut down. Have you sometimes thought about cutting down or controlling your drinking? Have you ever made unsuccessful attempts to cut down or control your thirst?

If you answered yes to at least 3 of these questions, then you meet the medical definition of addiction*

We can help.

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*Note this definition is not based on that of the American Psychiatric Association (DSM-IV), because they don't believe vampires exist.